Dear blonde friends who suffer from brassy yellow bits and can't afford going to the salon for a tone every other week: Meet the evo Fabulouso Purple Conditioner. This is the one product that has become a staple in my haircare routine every since bleaching the life out of my hair and joining the blond side of life a few months ago. I use it about once per week, and it completely takes away all traces of yellow brass from my hair and brings it back to the intended ash-toned shade. I would like to note that this only worked on my hair once I did achieve the ash shade of blonde at the salon. When I had a more warm (aka yellow) toned blonde originally, this didn't do any magic and actually change the colour of my hair. You have to have the ashy shade from the beginning for this to actually work. I noticed on the website that they have different products for different shades of blonde, so it might be worth while to check out the product for your shade of blonde. I purchase this at my local salon (Lindsay Larsen @ Hedkandi Hotel Arts -- whatta babe) but you can find it on amazon too!

Have any of you tried this product? What's your favourite purple toning hair product?

BEAUTYAllana Davison